Interesting facts about our work

  • Current COVID-19 measures
  • New Booking platform
    We are switching providers for our online bookings....
  • current covid-19
    Learn how we move on from next  Monday 23th November...
  • Mask duty - we can do it!
    Health first - training with a mask!
  • mask recommendation
    Your and our trainers' health is our top priority...
  • When the hip hurts
    This TV report shows how and when Pilates can be used in rehabilitation or in the prevention of hip problems.

    Boyle defines functional training as training that teaches the athlete to control his own body and its mass in motion.
  • Pilates training with older people
    The normal aging process cannot be stopped. However, exercise and training can positively influence some of the factors
  • Pilates for men!

    When a man hears Pilates, he usually thinks of a group of women...
  • Pilates in therapy
    Rehabilitation of cancer diseases
  • Pilates in golf
    Golf is booming in Switzerland. The number of licensed players has increased by over 50,000 between 2000 and 2016