Functional Trainings im Spirit Studio


‹Form Follows Function›
This guiding principle does not only apply to architecture! These training forms challenge your entire body in complex movement patterns and "shape" your structures. An optimal preparation for your everyday life, your job or your favourite sport. With varied exercises you strengthen whole muscle chains and you become noticeably stronger, more stable and more efficient.

Find your Class

  • Functional Training

    ‹sweaty & efficient›

    Functional strength exercises that challenge your whole body and prepare you optimally for your sport. With varied exercises in combination with short cardio , this training will get you in shape and make you sweat.
  • functional training LIVESTREAM

    ‹train online - wherever you are›

    The perfect way for you to train with us online! No matter if you are at home, in your home office, on the road or on vacation.

    Buy a drop in or a class pass, then you can book the online lessons.

    The link to the lesson is valid for a whole week! You can do the lesson as often as you like. 

  • Trx

    ‹efficiency at its best›
    A varied, intensive and functional workout for those who appreciate a solid strength training! Use your own body weight to train your muscles and structures in whole chains. Your "core," the connecting and stabilizing element in the middle of your body, is always trained in the process.

  • Pilates TRX

    ‹one step further›
    This class combines the Pilates method with the countless possibilities of TRX. You work with your own weight and thus strengthen your whole body. An intensive training for those who want to challenge themselves without missing the benefits of Pilates training!

  • Pilates OOV

    ‹the new way to mOOVe›
    Developed by Australian osteopath and neuroscientist Daniel Vladeta, the PIlates device challenges your body in a completely new way. It strengthens the muscle loops, improves your balance and with its specific Form your nervous system positively - This is the new way to move!

  • Why not running?

    ‹faster & healthier›
    You want to improve your running style & run more efficiently? Go for it! We will be happy to analyse your running style and put together an individual programme to help you optimise your technique and run healthier and more efficiently in the long term.