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‹Whole Body Movement›
This holistic training strengthens and improves your muscles and structures, it promotes mobility and sensitizes the awareness of your body. This allows you to move around in your everyday life, at work and Sport more efficient and economical. Our workshops on special topics offer you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and improve your technique.

Find your Class

  • Pilates LIVESTREAM

    ‹train online - wherever you are›

    The perfect way for you to do the training with us online! No matter if you are at home, on the road or on vacation. The link to the hour is valid for a whole week!

  • PIlates Mat

    ‹reduce to the max›
    Pilates training on the mat focuses on the mobility of the spine, it stabilizes and strengthens your center. With or without aids (rollers, circles, balls) - depending on the one - always ideal for your back and the ideal basis for all sports.

  • Pilates Reformer

    ‹all in one›
    One machine - infinite possibilities. The Reformer not only opens up new possibilities for balanced training, it also helps you to learn complex movements more easily. You determine and shape the intensity of the training itself. Get to know the infinite variety of exercises!

  • TRX Pilates

    ‹one step further›
    This class combines the Pilates method with the countless possibilities of TRX. You work with your own weight and thus strengthen your whole body. An intensive training for those who want to challenge themselves without missing the benefits of Pilates training!

  • Seniors

    ‹healthy & active aging›
    Are you over 60 and want to stay fit and agile into old age? Then this is the right place for you: This training combines Pilates and Yoga with specific balance exercises. It stabilizes and promotes strength, coordination and balance. Three important key factors, so that you can continue to manage your everyday life actively and carefree.

  • Pilates OOV

    ‹the new way to mOOVe›
    Developed by Australian osteopath and neuroscientist Daniel Vladeta, the Pilates device challenges your body in a completely new way. It strengthens the muscle loops, improves your balance and with its specific Form your nervous system positively - This is the new way to move!

  • Why not Yoga?
    ‹the perfect match›
    Find a balance to your Pilates training and use the yoga practice to make your structures even more flexible. This way you can do the difficult exercises in Pilates better.