Yoga Trainings im Spirit Studio


‹Practice and all is coming›, K. Pattabhi Jois
The combination of asanas (yoga positions) with pranayama (breathing) and the mindful perception of the body strengthens your muscles, promotes your flexibility and releases you in a balanced way into your everyday life and work. In sports, yoga makes you more efficient and improves your ability to focus, and all classes are taught in a flowing vinyasa style. Our workshops on special topics offer you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and improve your technique. 

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    ‹train online - wherever you are›

    The perfect way for you to do the training with us online! No matter if you are at home, on the road or on vacation. The link to the hour is valid for a whole week!

  • Yoga Basics

    ‹establish your fundamentals›
    The focus of this class is on the correct way to perform the asanas. Here you will learn to stand the warrior, to hold the triangle and to support the asanas properly from the shoulders - step by step; we will help you.

  • Mindfulness

    ‹mental flossing›
    A combination of meditation, mindfulness training and relaxation techniques. Learn body and mind to let go. We'll help you with that.

  • Ashtanga Yoga
    ‹go with the flow›
    This class will lead you through the first series of Ashtanga Yoga according to Sri Patthabi Jois. It combines a dynamic and progressive sequence of asanas combined with breathing. Only for experienced yoginis and yogis. 
  • Why not Pilates?

    ‹the perfect match›
    The combination of Yoga and Pilates is simply perfect. Pilates training helps you to improve your perception of stability and gives you the necessary support in asanas. This is how extensions (backbends), like the camel or the grasshopper, feel even better!